“She wore flowers in her hair and carried magic secrets in her eyes.”

Arundhati Roy



Yasmina’s name translates as ‘Jasmine’ so our inspirational journey encompassed flora and fauna.



Below is a snapshot of our process and our mood-board of imagery that inspire our world reflecting some of our gathered images that make us happy and give meaning to the universe we occupy.

Purposeful quotes, spiritual motifs and a feeling of freedom resonate with us.

We feel grateful to be surrounded by artisans who continually provide a pivotal platform for new energy and creativity to stem from.


All images credited, all artists admired.



Felix Harris | 2020 | Be Patient with Yourself 

Alexander Calder  |  1963  |  Miniature Mobile

Vincent Van Gogh | 1890 | Plain near Auvers

Photographer | Cho Gi Seok | 2020 

Flowers Esthetique | 2021 

Photographer | Eric Chakeen | 2020 

Claude Monet  |  1880  | Soleil couchant sur la Seine

Manish Dhiman | 2020

Henri Matisse  |  1946  | Nature morte aux fleurs

Pablo Picasso |  Leaf cut-out                                                                            Irving Penn  |  1988  | Flowers

Gustav Klimt | 1902 | Island in the Attersee


Kelly Louise Judd | 2016 | Dandelion and Hyacinth 

Andy Warhol | 1958 | Foot with Flowers 

Alexander Calder | 1941  |  Mobile