Yasmina's name translates as 'Jasmine' so our inspirational journey encompassed flora and fauna.

Our Enchanted Meadows print depicts Arabian, Star and Winter Jasmine flowers scattered amongst weaving elements of twisted vines, Hollyhocks, Pansies, Bluebells, mini paisley motifs, mystic shooting stars, moons and the rising sun.

Our Jasmine Ditsy print is a mini all-over floral of Star Jasmine - delicate, dreamy and coloured to be very tonal and discreet.

Below is our moodboard of imagery that inspires our world reflecting some of our gathered images that make us happy and give meaning to the universe we occupy. Purposeful quotes, spiritual motifs and a feeling of freedom resonate with us.

We feel grateful to be surrounded by artisans who continually provide a pivotal platform for new energy and creativity to stem from.

All images credited, all artists admired  – YQx 

Erte  |  1976  |  Letter Q

Ernste Wenke  |  1930  |  Hand Study with Glass ball

Photographer: Bennie Gay | 2019 | An editorial collaboration between Kemmler Kemmler and Bennie Julian Gay.

Walter carone  |  Matisse at work

Kay Nielson  |  1925  | The Juniper Tree

Henri Matisse  |  1946  | Nature morte aux fleurs

Rebecca Horn  |  1972  |  White body fan

Andy Warhol  |  1964  | Yellow Flowers

Erte  |  1976   |  Y

Tess Guinery

Pierre Buillard  | 1776-83  |  Flora Parisienses